WECOSS-Leadership Committee Partner Listing

Name: Title and Organization:
Dr. Wajid Ahmed, Co-Chair Medical Officer of Health, WECHU
Bruce Krauter, Co-Chair Chief, Essex-Windsor, EMS
Justin Lammers (Alternate) Deputy Chief, Essex-Windsor EMS
Tom Bain Mayor, Town of Lakeshore
Steven Bellaire Principal - Safe Schools, Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board
Michael Brennan Executive Director, Pozitive Pathways Community Services
Sarah Cipkar Community Development Coordinator Responsible for Neighbourhood Engagemet Initiatives, United Way Neighbourhood Engagement Strategy
Claudia den Boer CEO, Canadian Mental Health Association
Drew Dilkens Mayor, Corporation of the City of Windsor
Norma Coleman (Alterate) Chief of Staff, City of Windsor Mayors Office
Nicole Dupuis Director, Health Promotion, WECHU
Frank Providenti Superintendent, Windsor Police Service
Jill Lawrence Staff Sergeant, Windsor Police Service
Pamela Mizuno Acting Chief, Windsor Police Service
Sylvie Guenther Regional Director (Windsor Site) for the Southwest Aboriginal Health Access Centre
Michelle Graham Residental Program Manager, St. Leonard's; Harm Reduction Network
Dr. Sonja Grbevski Vice President for Brain and Behaviour Health, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare
Patrick Kolowicz (Alternate) Director, Mental Health & Addictions, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare
Theresa Marentette CEO and Chief Nursing Officer, WECHU
Gary McNamara Warden of Essex County, Mayor of Tecumseh, WECHU Board Chair
Robert Modestino Pharmacist
Jelena Payne Community Development and Health Commissioner and Corporate Leader Social Development and Health
Sharon Pyke Sueprintendent of Education, Greater Essex County District School Board
Michelle Reiser Director of Emergency & Access & Flow, Erie Shores HealthCare
Chhieu Seng Detective Sergeant, Ontario Provincial Police
Edward Marocko (Alternate) Inspector, Ontario Provincial Police
Alison Malott Peer Representative
Natasha Sheeler LHIN
Ron Sheppard LHIN
Edith St-Arnaud Superintendent of Education Responsible for  Student Services, CSC Providence
Rita Taillefer Executive Director, Windsor Essex Community Health Centre
Cheryl Zaffino (Alternate) Director, Street Health/Teen Health, Windsor Essex Community Health Centre
Sebastian Di Pietro Pharmacist
Theresa Morris Emergency Services, Windsor Regional Hospital
Luke Di Paolo Manager, Mental Health Department, Windsor Regional Hospital
Karen Waddell Executive Director, House of Sophrosyne
Doris Stillman (Alternate) Program Director, House of Sophrosyne
Jason Woods Sergeant, LaSalle Police Service
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